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Video Spotlight

Transform your videos into an interactive experience with LESA Spotlight

Consumers spend the majority of their car shopping journey researching vehicles online. Making their experience in your digital showroom as engaging as possible is the most important thing you can do to convert an online visit into an in-person test-drive.

That's where LESA Spotlight comes in. Our vehicle feature  icons highlight key points in your vehicle video, allowing customers to engage and interact with the features that matter to them most. 

Buttons increase video engagement. Increased engagement means more time on site. More time on site turns views into dealership visits.


The Tech Behind Spotlight

Using artificial intelligence, we analyze the video to identify where in the timeline the the wheel, headlight, trunk, steering wheel, odometer/speedometer, and navigation system are in the video. Through AI we were able to identify hot-spots and can then link these area back to a button, allowing the consumer to easily interact with them.

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