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About Us

Servicing Colorado Dealerships Across the Front Range Now!


About the Founder And President
Marlan Manley


        Sales and Marketing Professional with 39 years of experience in sales. Since 1999 he has been in the automotive business holding positions in both retail and vendor sales. 

         These years of experience and successful performance within the Automotive Industry on a whole, and specifically in Interactive Internet/BDC/CRM operations, uniquely qualified Marlan to establish Automotive-Internet-Marketing (AIM) a full service under one umbrella, a consultative approach to delivering technology systems, account management,  time management and sales process to dealerships. He helps car dealerships implement these tools so they maximize their results. We also have the capability to analyze, coach/train dealership management and personnel on digital marketing processes and performance improvement for these dealerships.

          Marlan understands that when followed properly, low cost solutions can drive a high return on investment. He personally works on every AIM account and project to make sure the highest level of value is delivered to your auto dealership sales team. Whether you want to maximize your current technology, increase your internet traffic, take advantage of social media solutions, or implement new/updated CRM processes that improve your dealership‘s follow-up, Marlan Manley and AIM can deliver what you’re looking for.

          Marlan also has a knack for being a thought leader in technology and understands the social media landscape. He will help your dealership take advantage of the latest benefits social media can offer car dealerships. His experience working on both the car dealership side and the vendor side contributes to his ability to marry technology and auto sales. He has the insight to understand the game and be a strong player that you will want on your team. Reach out to Marlan now and have AIM help your dealership sell more cars!

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